After living all my life sorrounded by cats, it was in 2005 when I discovered Ragdolls and it was love at first sight. Who can resist to those big blue eyes, soft and silky fur and sweet character? Ragdolls are just as their name says: relaxed, sweet, affectionate, but most of all, loving and dependant on human company.


The first one to arrive home was Lola, our first girl ever, in 2006. She is a very special gift, as special as the love she gives us day by day. I searched a lot until I found a cream girl, as for me her colour is just fascinating. The lightest in Ragdoll, almost white, which gives a lot of contrast with her beautiful blue eyes. From her first litter we kept Annina, the sweetest girl ever born in our home. She is blue tortie mitted and chocolate carrier. Her show results reasurred our decision to keep her. She is soooo relaxed and sweet and the best mom ever of every baby born at home. Our first boy, Angelo, is a chocolate colorpoint boy from the Rosevalleyrags cattery, in Holland. Extremely dependant on having company, his colour is genetically tested. With him had babies in all colours, traditional and news. From our seccond generation we kept Dalila, Natasha and Whitney. In 2010 we decided to keep Giuseppina and Gala as members of our family.

We needed better type and size for our torties so we found Kineret, a marvellous blue bicolor boy from the polish cattery Beruthiel and Manolo from Dollyland cattery. Ethel is our special girl which Bozena entrusted us again.


To ensure the best health of our cats, they are periodically checked by our vet, are all tested with negative results of Leukemia and Feline Imunodeficiency Virus and also the genetic PKD and HCM. Breeders are tested by ultrasound of HCM too.

Our dry food of choice are Taste of the Wild and Hills and we feed canned food and raw meat every day. They preffer Schesir, Hills and Porta 21 wet food.

We do not cage our cats under no circumstances. Moms with less than 1 month old babies have thier own, separate room.

We have very few litters every year, just the allowed ones by FIFÉ, that is our cats Federation of choice. We work and breed Ragdolls as a hobby, doing our best to raise healthy, sweet and relaxed kittens. For this reason, we'll keep the number of our cats to a minimum which we find confortable for us and them, and to which we can give all the necesarry love, attention and care.

Our kittens live with us in our big house, as a full family member and have human contact from the first moment of their lives. We never loose a birth and raise them underfoot, and get them used to children and a dog. This way you can be sure our kittens have the best character and are typical Ragdolls.

Kittens leave to thier new homes at 13-14 weeks of age, perfecly trained to use the litter, neutered, dewormed twice, with 2 shots, and of course, their PEDIGREE. We do not sell without this official document, which will give you the guarantee your Ragdoll is a genuine one.

For the general information, the FIFE pedigree's official price is somewhere between 10 and 15 €, so beware of those who sell cats without a pedigree or give you the option to have them without it. It's a scam without any doubt!!!


Please bear in mind that if you decide to have one of our kittens you'll have to be prepared to share your life with him/her 12-15 years, so you have to be sure of your decision.